Sweet Valentines memories - By Jason Carver

Sweet Valentines memories - By Jason Carver

Did you have the sweetest Valentine’s Day ever? Whether it was with family, your significant other, or friends, take this moment to make sure these memories last. Before you start this project, make sure you have some glossy photo paper on hand for the best look.

Also – Handy to have is this guide for Print Shop 6.0 so you can filter project types: https://www.broderbund.com/blog/post/the-print-shop-6-0-tips-tricks-by-jason-carver

In this example, I am going into the program and using the instructions to filter out project types, I am choosing a page called Sweetest Valentines Album.

You will notice that there are a lot of objects on this page, more so at the bottom. What makes this project great is that each image can be removed and replaced with a photo of your choice. I had lots of fun memories with my grandma on Valentine's Day, so we’ll replace the photos with some of her.

Start out by clicking on the object of the photo with the left mouse button. Right click and select Cut.

As you can see here, the image is removed.

Use the photo Import Wizard to select the photos you wish to use for your project.

There are many ways to call up the photo import wizard. Side bar which you see to the right and right clicking inside the project to show the menu.

Continue to add photos on your project. Add Clipart as needed. Please note that on the top of this project, there is a ribbon in the center of the page. It is suggested that you bring the photos from the top to the back of the layer by right clicking Arrange and then select “Send to back”

Once you have finished your project, you’re ready to print! Of course, if you want to take it to a professional printing press to put it on photo paper, you can save as PDF, or JPG and save it to a flash drive.

And now, you have fun photo memories of your loved ones!

What memories do you have of your families on this special day? Let us know on our Facebook page!