The Print Shop 6.0 Tips & Tricks By Jason Carver

The Print Shop 6.0 Tips & Tricks By Jason Carver


So, you've upgrade to Print Shop 6.0 and have wondered, what happened to the oldinterface? How do I choose a project other than what's displayed on the screen?
Where are the ready made templates?
As you see here:

Project Picker

We take you to the blank project page first. This is handy if you want to create stuff on your own using graphics you may already have or other design material.

If you want to choose a ready made template no problem!

Simply click Cancel and then use the drop down menu for opening a new Ready Made project.

Pick New Project

Here, we are on the project picker page. Where are all the projects you say?

That's a good question! Simply click on "See All" and you will see the classic interface:

You will notice we have a lot of customization options and filters to offer you a variety of ways of designing your projects.

Speaking of design, a popular question we are asked is "Will my Avery Template work on this program? "

This depends.

When you start the program, on the main interface choose "Label Sheet" as your project.

You will see a list of commonly used Avery labels.

If you don't have that label sheet on hand, you can use others. Simply look in the
"Compatible With" section to find compatible stock to buy for your project. There are
lots of label choices in this program, so experiment with different sizes and dimensions
to find the right label size for you.

Finally, you may be wondering, what's up with the new project bar on the side of the
We've designed The Print Shop 6.0 with ease of use. So each icon represents a handy
feature you're accustomed to using, without having to use the menu bars to find what
you're looking for.

Easy to use, easy to view! Of course if you see something missing on the screen you
were used to seeing and want to turn it back on, just click the view tab at the top of the
screen and place a check mark on the item you need to see again.

And that's all there is to it. We hope you enjoy The Print Shop 6.0 as much as we had
fun developing it.