Old Product Shutdown!

Old Product Shutdown!

We’ve been up to a lot over the years! From the old Apple II system to other platform formats, Print Shop and PrintMaster users have enjoyed our products time and time again. You may remember floppy disks with giant size manuals, to products with books and books of CDROM disks and then some.

Whatever you needed to design, we had you covered! No retail shops to visit and no mail order cards!

As products age and new computer operating systems arise, so does the need to maintain compatibility with newer operating systems so we can keep our software applications running optimally. We’re notifying you, our loyal customers that change is coming with respect to our older versions of our Print Productivity titles.

What does this mean for you? Like analog TV that had a phased shutoff, we will be planning on phases to shut down our older product, in groups until only the more current products are able to access our content servers.

This will result in a smoother experience for you, our local customers who come to depend on our products and their associated design contents for your design needs. So what do you need to do to become compliant with the upcoming changes?

The answer is simple. Upgrading to the current versions will ensure file and content compatibility with older project files, which are soon to be unsupported.

Here is a list of our current supported products:

Print Shop 5.0 Deluxe and Pro: The focus for this product is Print Shop 2.0 through Print Shop 4.01 in the PSProj Format. Although we focus on these forums, Print Shop 5.0 has limited support for Print Shop 23.1 files or older.

Print Shop 6.0 Deluxe and Pro: The focus for this product is Print Shop 2.0 through The Print Shop 5.0 but like 5.0, it has limited support for Print Shop 23.1 or older files.

PrintMaster v8 Platinum: The focus of this software is to open files in the PMX format. This goes back to PrintMaster 2011, PrintMaster 2012, PrintMaster v5 , PrintMaster v6 and PrintMaster v7. It will not open any other PrintMaster files.

PrintMaster 2019: The focus of this product is limited support for PrintMaster v8 Platinum files and of course, Print Shop 2019 files. They are in the PMX format. Any other format is not supported by this product.

PrintMaster 2020: This product has limited support for PrintMaster v8 Platinum files in the PMX format and will also open files from the previous PrintMaster 2019 program. It is not compatible with any other file format.

What’s great about these newer products? They all support Windows 10 and we’re currently offering FREE online email support through our support site.

To help make this transition easy, we’re offering our customers X discount when you upgrade to a current title through our promotion. We’ll also send periodic notifications through our email campaigns, forums and of course, our social media platform for when we turn off the servers.

Don’t wait, act now! Upgrade today and preserve your work!