New, enhanced experiences with Print Shop and PrintMaster!

New, enhanced experiences with Print Shop and PrintMaster!

Hello, I’m Jason Carver a product Manager at Encore. I wanted to provide our customers an update about the current status of our some of our popular Print Productivity products.

At Encore, we’ve been busy reading customer feedback and working on improving the quality of our products. In our newest releases of Print Shop 6.0 and PrintMaster 2020, you will notice a better userexperience going forward, particularly in the area of printing

Speaking of products, we know that a lot of families have more than one computer. The good news is that many of our new releases now allow you to purchase a license good for up to three computers. With our ‘Family’ versions, everyone in the family can benefit from the software.

Businesses? Yes, you can purchase Print Shop 6.0 Business Edition for use in your organization and take advantage of many high-quality templates and images, many royalty free!

And of course, a large selection of our products can be purchased on a DVD and then sent to your house for a nominal shipping fee. We are proud to offer this as an added value for our customers.

Our image collections on the Broderbund and Encore websites are a perfect companion to your Print Shop or PrintMaster projects. Since we can accept JPG images in our program, you can simply drag and drop images you save from our image collections direct into the program.

You will find one of my previous blog posts handy for using these images

With many popular holidays coming up now’s the perfect time to upgrade or add additional licenses . Print Shop and PrintMaster saves time and money!


Have a wonderful project inspiration? Please send us an email to [email protected] and we may feature your work in a future blog! Just mention in the body of your email that you saw our blog post.

We can’t thank our customers enough for the valuable feedback that we’ve received for our Print Shop and PrintMaster titles. Please continue to provide us feedback and we will use this to continue to make our products better.

Thank you so much for your loyalty, Print Shop and PrintMaster users, we appreciate your support!