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Royalty Free Premium Christian Images

Royalty Free Premium Christian Images

Christian clip art illustrates the message of faith.
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Product Information

The new Christian Images Collection illustrates the message of faith. Encourage someone through the creations you make from these miraculous images. Strengthen the meaning of your design with expressive Christian stock photos and clip art pictures. These royalty free Christian images are suitable for personal and business use.

  • More than 1,000 royalty free images for commercial use, including advertising!
  • Enjoy more creative flexibility.
  • Use for any project with no restrictions.

Christian Clip Art

Crown your projects with inspirational images of devotion, including Ten Commandments stone tablets, bibles, crosses and more. Heartwarming religious stock images provide the extra touches you need for your projects.

  • Brochures: Religious Travel, Congregation Services and Group Events
  • Wedding Invitations and Thank You Notes
  • Church Bulletins and Newsletters
  • Funeral Service Programs
  • Scrapbook Keepsakes
  • Posters and Fliers
  • Information Pieces
  • Communion Books
  • And Other Christian Materials

From Christian symbols to religious script you will be delighted by the abundance of inspirational art. Take a look at the fine assortment of royalty free pictures, including angels, baptisms, Christmas, Easter, holy communions, memorials, weddings and more.


Let your creativity soar on the wings of angels! Lovely religious clip art has just what you need for all of your projects, big and small.

  • Cherubs
  • Flying with Stars and White Doves
  • Holding Hands


The joy of a baptism ceremony is reflected in this group of Christian stock images.

  • Baby Booties
  • Crosses
  • Water Pouring from Hands
  • White Doves


Frame your projects with Christian borders. It's easy to give your designs a more polished finished look with these Christian-themed borders.

  • Angels
  • Filigree Copper
  • Peace Doves
  • Scroll
  • White Lace


Christian Christmas images are perfect for this festive time of year. Spread cheer and show your faith. Make your own personalized Christmas cards, place settings, party invitations and so many other useful things.

  • Lettering: Joy and Christmas Time
  • Mary, Joseph and Jesus
  • Entering the Holy City
  • Jesus in the Manger
  • Nativity Scenes
  • Pine Branches
  • Poinsettias
  • Red Candles
  • Ornaments
  • Wise Men


Easter religious images celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in style. From creating service programs to scrapbooking, it's fun to dress up your project with religious images.

  • Bunny Egg Hunt (just for fun!)
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Crucifix
  • Flowers: White Roses sand Lilies
  • Jesus Carrying the Cross Silhouette
  • Jesus with Crown of Thorns
  • Portraits
  • Stained Glass Windows
  • Vintage Stamps

Holy Communions:

When it's time to put together first communion keepsakes, you'll find the church clipart required here. Embellish you designs for family gatherings and parties that celebrate the event.

  • Bows
  • Communion Book
  • Memories Book
  • Wine Goblet, Bread and Grapes


True and touching devotional art conveys the right feeling for memorials of life-changing events..

  • Angels
  • Candles
  • Crosses
  • Flowers: Daisies, Forget-Me-Nots, Lily of the Valley and Roses
  • Gravestones


  • "When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."
  • "If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again."
  • "Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you, until we meet again."


Christian wedding art provides the Christian stock images needed for a variety of wedding materials, including invitations, banners, thank you notes, scrapbooks and other keepsakes.

  • Bibles
  • Bride and Grooms
  • Flowers: Calla Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, Hydrangeas and Roses
  • Wedding Rings
What You Can and Cannot Do with Royalty Free Image Collection Images

If you are creating designs that you are selling or using as part of your business, than Royalty Free images are for you. Commercial use royalty-free images empower your design possibilities like never before by giving you the ability to sell your designs without worry! These top-quality royalty-free images give you the creative freedom to make whatever you want for just about any purpose you have even for commercial applications. That means you can use this art collection for advertisements, business brochures, posters, professional business cards and other commercial needs. These images are ideal for all of your projects whether for business or personal use. Create just about anything you want without limitations.

*Please note even royalty-free commercial use does include some no-no's. Please refrain from branding, distributing, selling or claiming graphics as your own; redistribution; download distributions; or using graphics in pornographic, racial or harmful material.


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