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Photo Color Pro

Photo Color Pro

Color your world with Photo Color Pro!
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Product Information

Bring your black and white photographs to life!

Enliven old family photos, put together vintage illustrations, test color schemes and more! This easy to use photo editing software colorizes black and white photos, no graphic design talent required! Simply draw basic colored strokes over an area and the program automatically applies color to the selected area.

Easy photo editing and photo colorization is right at your fingertips!

Elderly Couple Before and After Color
  • Colorize photos and bring your family history to life
  • Revive historic photos and take part in History in Color movement
  • Add colors to you best-loved black and white photos for major impact
  • Test various color schemes for your car, house, or interior design projects
  • Create stunning vintage pictures for posters, websites and other decorative purposes
  • Have a great time and recharge your brain while sketching and coloring
Project History

Easily Color Photos

Anyone can get impressive photorealistic results; you don't have to be a graphic designer. PHOTO COLOR PRO's innovative features make the photo coloring and touch up process easy. From start to finish, you'll be guided step by step through colorizing basics, color selection and a user-friendly productive workspace.

Project Bird
  1. Select your color from a toolbox.
    • Color Picker, Color Libraries, Gradient Settings, Gradient Capture Tool and History ensure you'll make correct color choices.
  2. Draw over the section you want to color using quick brush strokes.
    • Coloration automatically applies to the drawn area (generated from intelligent image processing algorithms).
  3. Touch up with easy photo editing options, including smart gradient strokes for life-like blended colors.
    • Impress everyone with your newly colored photos!
Project Birds

Perfect Color for Every Photo

The Advanced Color Picker offers a full array of colors. Simply select palette colors channel by channel, enter manually, or copy and paste HEX numbers. Thirty-two Color Libraries contain the most popular photo objects and materials, plus multi-color gradients and solid colors.

Project Capture Apple

Whether you're a seasoned professional or leisure photographer, the creative coloring possibilities are almost endless.

  • Put the color of the actual moment back into your black and white photos.
  • Recolor faces, items and other components in color photos.
  • Revert color photos to black and white.
  • Combine black and white elements with color elements to build new images.
Project Old Car

Transform your black and white photos into multi-dimensional colorized shots.

Start Color Today!

Go from old black and white to new living color.

Colorized image of children playing


Windows 7 or Higher. 1.5 Ghz processor, 5.5 GB Hard Drive Space, 1 GB RAM, CD/DVD Drive, Internet Connection