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DrawPlus X4

DrawPlus X4

Powerful drawing and graphics made easy
Download - Windows -  $99.99 
CD in Sleeve - Windows -  $99.99 

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Product Information

Create eye-catching pieces of artwork with DrawPlus X4, the powerful, fun and versatile design program that makes creating beautiful artwork and graphics easier than ever.

  • Ready-to-use graphics gallery
  • One-click graphic styles
  • Logo-friendly design tools
  • Rollover web buttons
  • Animated web banners
  • Add charts, diagrams and plans drawn to scale
Logo-friendly design tools like bevels, glow, textures and 3D
Amazing Effects

Achieve your desired result with improved realistic brushes, including watercolor, oil, charcoal and other special effects.

  • Paint with realistic brushes
  • Intelligent drawing tools
  • Advanced vector power
  • Professional blend modes
  • Amazing effects
Edit Vector images with editable perspective, warps, shape blending and more
Advancet Vector Power

Achieve more with a graphics tablet including a new Pressure Studio  to test and adjust pressure sensitivity for better brushwork, sketching, writing, shading and for a more natural flair.

Editing Ability Instant Results

Edit lines, paintbrush strokes, text and effects

Paint with lifelike watercolor, oil, charcoal and many other brush tips

Edit photos with the powerful PhotoLab with more than 70 adjustments, corrections, filters and instant artistic effects.

  • Remove blemishes and fix photo flaws
  • Apply artistic photo filters
  • Turn photos into watercolors, oils and more
  • Limit stylish changes to specific areas
  • Change or undo image settings at any time
  • AutoTrace images into editable shape art
  • Remove backgrounds the easy way
QuickShapes, curve smoothing and smart tools make it easy for non-artists to draw
Advancet Vector Power

Make Flash® animations, interactive demos, stop-frame movies, animated GIFs and screensavers with this versatile graphic solution.

Import from any source, with support for 18 popular drawing, graphic and image formats.  Collaborate easily with High End Graphics Support and EPS, SVG, AutoCad and Adobe® Illustrator® formats.  Export optimal images with image preview of four different formats and sizes.

High-end tools, techniques, color management and professional graphic formats

Professional Power Tools High Quality Images

High quality dynamic printing and exports.


Windows® XP (Home & Pro) SP3, Windows Vista® SP1, Windows® 7, Pentium® processor, 512MB RAM, 689MB free hard disk space¹, 1024x600 display resolution, CD/DVD-Drive, mouse. Recommended: Pentium multi-core processor, 1GB RAM. Optional: Windows compatible printer, TWAIN-compatible scanner and/or digital camera, Pressure sensitive pen tablet (Serif GraphicsPad or equivalent), 3D-accelerated graphics card with DirectX® 9 (or above) or OpenGL® support, Internet account and connection required for accessing online resources². ¹Additional memory and disk resources are required when editing large and/or complex images. To enjoy the full benefit of brushes and their textures, you must be using a processor that supports SSE (most modern computers do). On brush selection, an on-screen message will indicate if your computer is not SSE compatible. ²User is responsible for all Internet access fees and phone charges.