Make Your Headings Stand Out Through PrintShop

Make Your Headings Stand Out Through PrintShop

Thriving in the market of desktop publishing software, PrintShop 5.0 lets you tap into your creativity and helps you create eye-catching projects. Whether it is the greetings cards for your loved ones that you are working on, invitation cards to a private party or brochures to advertise your business, the PrintShop helps your projects stand out.

The Print Shop contains many features to help create unique designs including tools to add and edit text. Headings are of particular importance due to their prominence and relevance for all formal and informal projects. With the wide array of editing features, the software makes it very easy to edit headings according to your preference of size and style. The following are a few tips that can make your text stand out through Printshop.

Ready-Made Headlines

With more than 45 Ready-Made Headlines available in the software, you can easily convert any simple text into an artwork of your choosing. See a few examples of ready-made headlines below:




Add Shapes to Your Text to Determine Line Proportioning

Another way of adding an artistic touch to your text is to apply shapes to it. Through Printshop you receive more than 50 choices of shapes that can help your text look unique and classy. Whether you wish to make your text float like a wave or bend like an arch, PrintShop offers you the most desirable shapes when it comes to styling text.

Examples of a few shapes and their corresponding effect on the text are seen below:


Add Position

While having an even text positioning for headline is desirable in some cases for instance if you want to work on a professional project including designing brochures and business cards, it might be a good idea to introduce an element of fun to your heading to help it stand out. Hence, Positions in PrintShop gives you eight options to choose from; options which will allow you to try different letter alignments within your heading. See examples below:



Add Proportions

Do you have a heading that constitutes two or three lines? A special tip to help structure your content is to use ‘Proportions’ as an instrumental feature available on PrintShop. Proportions helps you determine the size of each line to enhance the body of your text and in some cases, also adds emphasis to different lines in the heading according to their importance. A few options which are a part of Proportions are highlighted below:



Further editing features allow you to tweak details to your headline by defining font type, size, colour, outlining and effects. Buy Now to try Print Shop 5.0.