Make Your Day Even More Special

Make Your Day Even More Special

Create Wedding Invitations, Thank You Cards, Table Place Cards, Wedding Programs, Photo Books, and More!

Make your day special by designing personalized wedding invitations, programs, thank you cards, photo books and more with The Print Shop. With The Print Shop Professional, you can personalize invitation templates or create custom wedding invitations using powerful tools and beautiful images. Once the invitation design is created you can create a matching program, thank you cards, and more.

Get Started with Ready-Made Templates:

Starting with a predesigned invitation template is a quick and easy way to start designing. The Print Shop offers many invitation templates, from wedding to holiday party invites, that can be easily edited and customized.

Pick the Right Color Scheme:

The color arrangement plays a vital role in any invitation. Choose from the number of color schemes to personalize the wedding invitation to match the overall wedding theme. You can make sure all the creative elements have the same look and feel to create a complete wedding package.

Different Visual Style:

Different visual styles affect the overall appearance of the card, including its color scheme, illustrations, and typography. Choosing the right style for the invitation will help in creating a unique wedding invitation

Select High-Quality Fonts:

A high-quality font can make a difference in the look and feel of your invitation. Just like other design elements, typography plays an important role in the overall look. Different fonts produce different sentiments. For example, calligraphy fonts radiate elegance, whereas sans serif fonts give off a more casual look.

Align Text to the Center:

The positioning of the text makes an impact on the design. Because most invitations don’t have a lot of copy, it’s good to align text to the center of the design. In The Print Shop, you can simply toggle the alignment controls to set your text.


Here are some sample wedding invitations designed in The Print Shop using exclusive images from the Clipart Gallery.  These are 5x7 single-sided postcards that can be professionally printed.

Wedding Kit Border Curve with Pearls!

Wedding Day Dove Gray Lace!

Wedding Day Dove Gray Lace, Old New Borrowed Blue Overlay Silver Glitter (retained)

Mat Painted Light Plum

Mat Painted Light Plum, Blushing Bride Lace Edged Veil Cream

Mat Painted Light Plum, Wedding Day Scroll Brush Edges White

Mat Square Daisy Corners with Scrolls Lime

I like to design the image portion of my invitation to The Print Shop and upload the JPG to the printing service's postcard template where I can use their text tools to add my words.  This ensures super sharp text printing.

As well, by uploading my Print Shop produced JPG, I can see the "safety lines" where they will trim my card for a full-bleed look.

The Print Shop 6.0 is the most intuitive and user-friendly version to date! With a host of new features including a new and improved toolset and more images and templates than ever before, The Print Shop 6.0 will make your next design project a success!