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Digital SLR Photography For Dummies

Digital SLR Photography For Dummies

Learn how to use Digital SLR cameras and achieve beautiful pictures everytime
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Product Information

Making Learning Easier

Learn how to use Digital SLR cameras and achieve beautiful pictures every time you take a shot. In this training program you will learn how to identify and operate the features of your camera. You will discover tips and techniques on what makes a great picture, how to use a tripod effectively, how to pick the lens for the job, and when to use your flash.

Digital SLR Photography For Dummies features an easy-to-follow program that allows you to learn on your own schedule, and guides you with skill-building exercises, animated how-tos, and a full glossary of terms.

Learn to:
  • Achieve the photographic results you want
  • reduce the chance of red-eye
  • Take crisp and clear action shots
  • Use a tripod, and set up the perfect shot
  • Create fun effects by playing with shutter speeds
  • View, print, and share your pictures with friends
  • Take great portraits, landscape shots, and more
We Make Learning Easy
Many people have a desire to learn how to use their cameras, but are intimidated by lengthy instruction manuals. Our program takes the pressure off with simple directions and clear outlines that help you learn at your own speed.

Discover Everything You Want to Know and More!

With our comprehensive training program, you'll learn things you never thought possible. We go a step further by demonstrating exactly how to operate your camera with enlarged illustrations and animations.

Avoid Common Mistakes
Sidestep some of the most frequent errors made by inexperienced photographers. Digital SLR Photography For Dummies shows you how to avoid common blunders such as red-eye, blurry photographs, and over exposures.


Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows® 7, Pentium® Processor 300MHz or faster, 256MB RAM, 512MB free hard drive space, keyboard & mouse, CD-ROM drive.