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Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Create & manage email campaigns
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Product Information

Email Campaign allows you to quickly create and send targeted email messages to prospects and clients. Utilize the wizard to quickly walk through steps, or choose from more than 325 pre-designed templates. Users can design with the HTML editor or choose the plain text format which is more widely accepted by email clients.

Effortlessly create professional email campaigns, manage your email list and continue marketing without costly subscription fees to online services.


  • Pre-designed message templates: We provide the basic text for several standard newsworthy events. You can then change and customize the text to fit your specific message.
  • Email campaign customization: EmailCampaign offers everything you need to create a high-quality, customized email campaign. We provide more than 375 royalty-free graphics and email tags to personalize your message. EmailCampaign also offers a WYSIWYG editor, so you can create a custom message without having to learn HTML.
  • Email extraction: Easily grab emails from any folder in Microsoft® Outlook® and Outlook® Express, Windows Address Book, or any file stored on your computer to quickly build your mail list. You can then add these contacts to your send list, or remove them from your mailing.
  • Email clean up and verification: Once your contact list is created, clean up bad syntax and improperly formatted emails to reduce the chance of your message not getting delivered. Email Campaign can also quickly verify which email addresses are good or bad before actually sending out your message.
  • Email bounce management: Sending your campaign to a large contact list will almost always give you some bounces (returned mail) based on full mailboxes, delivery timeouts and other reasons. Email Campaign easily extracts bounced email addresses so you can resend or remove the addresses from your list.
  • SPAM safeguards: EmailCampaign quickly scans the message for common flags that are considered SPAM by junk filters, as well as any keywords/phrases that might flag the user's message as a security risk.
  • Flexible send options: Simply enter the date and time you wish your campaign to be sent, and EmailCampaign will take care of the rest. You can also send text or HTML messages, based on the recipient's email client.
  • No subscription fees: With EmailCampaign, you can leverage powerful email marketing without subscription fees. You can enjoy comprehensive service and functionality - all for a fraction of the cost an online subscription would charge.

Whether you are a small business operating out of your home, or a larger company, staying in touch with your clients and customers via email will keep your business moving. However, professional email campaigns can become time-consuming, costly and cumbersome. Keeping up with the technology and marketing techniques required to carry out a successful email campaign is a full-time job. That's why businesses both large and small rely on EmailCampaign for all of their electronic marketing needs.


  • Send order follow-up emails to customers
  • Deliver email newsletters to readers
  • Send news alerts to subscribers
  • Broadcast important reminders to members
  • Email your suppliers, dealers or wholesalers
  • Conduct public relations campaigns
  • Email your voters and constituents
  • Send coupons or special offers to your customer base

EmailCampaign takes care of all the complex technical details and tasks, so that all you're left to do is simply press "send."


Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Pentium 233MHz or faster, 256 MB of RAM, 200 MB of available hard-disk space, Internet Connection and email account, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive (for boxed shipments).