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MyMemories Suite v8 with Creativity Collection 2

MyMemories Suite v8 with Creativity Collection 2

Ready for some super-charged scrapbooking fun?
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Product Information

MyMemories Suite v8 | Scrapbooks | Cards | Calendars | Prints | Photobooks | & More

Our award winning My Memories Suite software is a fun and easy way to create scrapbooks, photobooks, prints, custom gifts, and more!

Easy to Use.

Fast fill your photos in pre-designed templates.

Design and customize every part of your pages and layouts.

Quick and simple ways to add photos, embellishments, shapes, and more.

Creative Tools.

Simple editing features with size, rotate, rip, fade, recolor, filters, cropping, and more.

Sharing for Everyone.

Print at home, or order prints online to preserve your memories.

Perfect for digitally sharing with family and friends as jpg, png, or pdf.

Upload your designs as a custom blog or facebook graphic.

BONUS: FREE Photobook a 26-page, 6x6-sized softcover (Fee for shipping and handling.)

BONUS: FREE MyMemories Design Club membership for the first month of subscription (First month requires signup for monthly club)

What's New in MyMemories Suite?

What's New in MyMemories Suite?
New commercial & personal use Content for version 7

New commercial & personal use Content for version 8:*

  • 150 new backgrounds.
  • 3 Calendar Templates
  • 3 Photobook Templates
  • 3 Swatchbook Templates
  • 400 new embellishments.
  • 6 Greeting Card Templates
  • 6 Postcard Templates
Relative spacing guides.

Fade Edges Option for Embellishments & Imprints

Improved text features.

Convert Text to Shape

Updated User Interface.

Changeable User Interface: Light, Medium, & Dark

Make images same (cropped) size.

2X Page Thumbnails, Galleries, & Content Dialogs

Tile backgrounds.

AutoBuild Album from Folder of Images

Photos used indicator.

Auto Caption Images with File Names

Master page layer.

Group & Select Multiple Items from Layers Panel

Move to page with right-click.

Add PDF Files as Images to Albums

Improved preferences options.

32bit Windows Support

Feature List

My Memories Suite 8 scrapbooking software provides the design tools that will help you to build entire albums effortlessly using the many installed templates, or starting your own pages from scratch. This user-friendly software is great for beginners and design pros alike.

Creating your project

Creating your project

Use one of the large selection of designer templates to jump start your project or start from scratch to make your exactly the way you want it.



Drag and drop photos and embellishments easily using the gallery.

Project Sizes

Project Sizes

Custom Canvas Sizes to fit your project needs.



Use the Global search to quickly find embellishments, backgrounds, shapes and imprints installed in the software.



Use papers installed in the software or browse for other content on your computer. With the "Apply to All" feature the software will automatically add the same background paper or color to all of your pages.



Use elements installed in the software or browse for other content on your computer. Add a drop shadow or change the color of your page elements. You can also resize, mirror, flip and rotate them individually or as a group.



Edit your photos with Crop, Flip, Mirror, Color, Matte, Drop Shadow, Red Eye, Rip, Tile and Shape. Add a filter like Fish Eye, Black and White, Sepia, Darken, Brighten, Blur, Sharpen, Negative, Emboss, Sketch and more.



Choose font, size, bold, italic, alignment and color. Use Word Art Designer to create custom Headlines with bevel, emboss, gradients, color, outline, drop shadows, warp or shape, or paste images into text.



Fill shapes with papers, images, color or text. Also add a matte and drop shadow. Export shapes as SVG files for your electronic die cutter.



Imprints act much like a stamp. Change color or size and add drop shadows.



Our interactive calendar feature will let you easily change from one year to the next. Customize the font, color, size, numbers, borders, month and year.



Create your own paint layer on your page. Change the color and size.



Check or change album properties, interactive preview, Spell check, Error check and select the Project Supply List to see a list of all the items used in creating your pages.



Export your project directly to professional printing services for your photobooks or calendars or print at home. Export your project as a png, jpg or svg file formats.

The Creativity Collection Volume 2

Clip Art That Expresses Your Creativity

More Images Than Ever

Get inspired by 5,900 royalty-free images. Transform your great ideas into fabulous finished projects. The Creativity Collection 2 has perfect clip art images or backgrounds for all projects big and small. Royalty-free content gives you the flexibility and rights to use them for any project with no restrictions.

Superior Selection of Stock Images

Find a world of images and clip art with flowers, people, animals, shapes, symbols, holiday items, seasonal selections, landscapes and much more. Creating a design with a professional look has never been easier. Discover how easy The Creative Collection 2 is to use and how wonderful your projects look when you do.

Incredible Images and Illustrations for Your Projects

You know a picture's worth 1,000 words; The Creativity Collection 2 has that and more in store for you! The perfect picture makes all the difference, whether your project is for business or pleasure. Let your creativity go with all kinds of projects.

* MyMemories and Commercial Use

What does Commercial Use mean?

Commercial Use has less restrictions regarding what you can do with content you purchase including being able to use it for business purposes such as advertising and more.

Terms of Use - Commercial

Personal Use allows you to use content you purchase for your own personal use, but you cannot use it for business use, distribute, or sell any content that has a Personal Use license.

Terms of Use - Personal

What Can I do with Commercial Use Software?

You can use the software in conjunction with Commercial Use content to create items for business. You must ensure that the content you are using includes a Commerical Use license otherwise it cannot be used for commercial puproses. See the My Memories Suite 8 User License Agreement for more details.

MM8 User License Agreement

Which Content is Commercial Use?

Currently, the only content that is being made available for Commercial Use are 3 Calendar Templates, 6 Greeting Card Templates, 3 Photobook Templates, 6 Postcard Templates, 3 Swatchbook Templates, 150 Backgrounds, and 400 Embellishments included with My Memories Suite 8:

  • MM8 Baby Calendar-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Greeting Card L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Greeting Card P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Photobook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Postcard L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Postcard P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Swatchbook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Calendar-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Greeting Card L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Greeting Card P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Photobook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Postcard L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Postcard P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Swatchbook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Calendar-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Greeting Card L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Greeting Card P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Photobook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Postcard L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Postcard P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Swatchbook-(MyMem)

An easy way to tell which content has Commercial License when navigating within My Memories Suite is to look for content thats end with -(MyMem). At this time only content ending with -(MyMem) is Commercial Use. Everything else in the store and available in the My Memories Suite software is Personal Use unless otherwise stated in the specific designers Terms of Use.


Windows® 64-Bit versions of Windows® 7, Windows® 8¹, Windows® 10¹, 64-Bit Intel® Pentium® or comparable AMD® processor 2GHz or faster, 2GB RAM, 10 GB of free hard disk space, 64MB VRAM, Monitor Resolution 1152 x 864 or higher, keyboard, mouse, DVD-ROM drive. Mac® OS X 10.7.5 – 10.12 (with the latest JavaTM updates)¹, Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo 2 GHz processor or faster, 2GB RAM, 10.0 GB free hard drive space, 64MB VRAM, keyboard, mouse, DVD-ROM drive. Other Recommendations: • Broadband Internet² • Digital Camera • Printer • Scanner ¹Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Mac® OS X. ²User is responsible for all Internet access fees and phone charges.