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NEW Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon returns with a more effective Success-based approach bringing you even more useful features

  • Proven positive results with only 8 hours of step-by-step instruction

  • Set personal goals, celebrate your achievements and stay motivated

  • Control your pace and progression

  • User-friendly system for everyone ages 8 to 88

  • 18 video lessons and 100+ skill checks and typing tests to measure your progress

Mavis Beacon Family Edition
Mavis Beacon Personal Edition

This new edition of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing develops your typing skills using a proven approach to learning, one success at a time. Just follow these seven easy steps to achieve your typing success.
Step1 Set Your Personal Goal

Success-based learning begins with setting a personal challenge level for speed and accuracy that you seek as you complete lessons.

Learn Good Posture Habits

A virtual reality model demonstrates correct body and hand positions.

Practice Good Typing Technique

Video and interactive graphics teach you typing technique, finger names and home row positions.

Learn New Keys One Stage at a Time

Systematically develop new keystrokes, blending them into pairs, chains, words, and sentences.

Build Your Skill by Using It

For each lesson you complete, a corresponding skill check uses real-word typing challenges to ensure your progress.

Practice Excellent Typing at all Times

Timed typing tests give standardized performance results that you can put on your resume.

Celebrate Your Success!

After just 8 hours of using this software, you can master typing basics and more!

Mavis Beacon

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